Exotic Granite Slabs for Texas Homes

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Granite slabs are one of the most popular design elements for Texas homes. Each family has their own style, practical needs and budget that will determine some aspects of the decision-making when choosing natural stone for a kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity. While many homeowners play it safe by choosing neutral tones, exotic granite can add dramatic flair to any room in the home.

The designation “exotic” usually refers to stone that features rare colors, distinctive patterning or shimmering highlights. Brazilian Fusion Granite, for example, brings light, color and movement to your living space. Available in vivid tones that range from magenta to gold, from cerulean blue to chartreuse, Fusion is characterized by bold patterning and veining. A Fusion Granite countertop is sure to be the star of your home’s interior design.

Premium stone companies in Texas maintain indoor stone showcases where you can shop for a countertop in air-conditioned comfort. Visit a stone supplier today and discover the world of exotic granite!
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Exotic Granite Slabs for Texas Homes

The kitchen countertop is one of the spots where family and friends gather. Whether you’re baking cookies with the kids, chatting while preparing dinner or pulling up a stool to eat breakfast at the island, the kitchen counter is at the center of family life. The bathroom is one spot to let your design shine. A natural stone bathroom vanity can help to give this necessary room a serene, spa-like feel. Natural stone slab is also beautiful on floors, pool decks, as a dining table surface, and in custom made design accents such as side tables or coffee tables. You could choose a neutral toned counter for maximum versatility, but why not opt for exciting and colorful exotic granite?

What Is Exotic Granite?

The world of exotic granite has expanded rapidly in recent years. Small quarries in remote parts of the world are producing some of the most unusual stone, as names like "Blue Bahia”, "Splendor White” and "Perla Venata” indicate. Brazil is one of the foremost suppliers of exotic granite, with a stunning array of colors and patterns available. From Fusion to Macaubas, Delicatous white, Brazilian exotic granite is among the most popular varieties.

Affordable Elegance

You may pay a little more for rare varieties of stone, but its unique nature ensures that value is added to your home, just as beauty is added to your living space. Visit a Texas showroom like the 50,000 square foot Omni Surfaces facility in Houston and explore the beautiful world of exotic granite.